The next Taiwan trip will be 30 April ~ 7 May 2011.  This is a friendly trip for friends who are interested to be onboard the fun and non-commercial friendly vegetarian taiwan trip. The places of visit are Taipei, Yilan, Hualian, TaiTung, KaoHsiung.

下一趟台灣之游會在2011年4月30日~5月7日. 這次是朋友團而主辦的. 這趟非商業台灣之游純粹為朋友安排的. 地點會到台北,宜蘭,花蓮,台東,高雄.
what is so special about this tour 行程的特別在
1. full board vegetarian (as per stated in the itinerary) 全程是素食(行程有寫)
2. enjoy different variety of delicious healthy vegetarian meals 讓您可以嘗試到不同美味養生素食
3. experience the different way of travel 有機會讓您體驗不同的旅遊方式 
4. interesting activities & hands on fun program line up for you n your friends, family…  讓您嘗試一些不同的活動
5. stay mostly in resort, farm etc etc 讓您嘗試住在民宿(靠近大自然的生態)的感覺
6. move at a pace to allow you to have time to enjoy your good meals, and enjoy the beauty of the places 讓您有時間享用每個餐食, 有時間體會和欣賞美麗的風景, 有時間享受每個為您精心安排的活動等等
… much more..

itinerary 行程taiwan_itinerary_30apr~may7_8d


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